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More Like GoldCRAP!

Posted in Dance,Goldfrapp by M on September 20, 2005


Goldfrapp and Benassi team up? I’m sure that will respect my subwoofer…

Obligatory Music Blog Comment: Yeah yeah, “Ooh La la” sounds like Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”. Who knows what further selections from the Wayne’s World 2 soundtrack Alison will steal next?

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  1. Goocalin Vargeene Farce duh Filange said,

    Have you ever listned to this song you bloody idiot? It does not sound anything like Spirit in The Sky. It sounds like Goldfrapp, Ooh La La you silly billy. Yep. So go **** yourself you piece of dribble ****. You dont even know what I found in your saddle bag…ha…ha…It wasnt a fake penis even though it was. Well it doesnt even matter cuz Dorris has one and they are getting Mavis one for christmas. I have a webiste called fakeprizes.com where u get fake prizes….They r so fake they r not even real…Back to goldfrapp, yes, yes, yes Ooh La La is one of the best songs ever so shut up u silly piece of silly floam. Sorry for the bad language but I cant help it becuase I am bad. Bye Bye my love, I hope to speak to you again soon. I hope you will join me for dinner tomorrow…In the Fake restauraunt. Which I won actually, from fakeprizes.com. So you do get good stuff. Where is my filiofax? I must have left it in conference room B…well, I will go and get it then…Unless you STOLE IT! thats wat really happened isnt it, tell the truth! Yes u shuld tell the truth becuase otherwise its not the truth and bad things will happen to those who wait. no time to hesitate. those who run do not have all the fun cuz they are still running away. Take a bow. Go away, its your secret sexuality, you are frozen. Go away, or at least promise to try. Live to tell of your human nature. LETS ALL READ A BEDTIME STORY! yes, yes, yes, then they had sex..XxXxXxXxXx Love u, remember about the cucumber and the cabbage? I do…..And also that thing, you know with the stuff? You know wat I mean, that thing you had, up your arse? with all the stuff? Oh no wait, everything I have sed is to the wrong person….oh well, read it anyway, you might get sum ideas, yes, yes well I will see you later flange face. Thats you that is. Au revoir XxXxXxX i am waving now yes i am can u c me waving of course u can becuase i am waving at u whihc means that u can see me and the fact that we all wanted to go to the place that we all wanted to go to. BYE!

  2. M said,

    Wow! You earn an “E” for effort, but a Google search for “goldfrapp” “spirit in the sky” clearly shows that I’m not the only one who sees Alison Goldfrapp’s connection to Norman Greenbaum. If you’re into that, more power to you. I’m not.

    Thanks for playing!

  3. Goocalin Vargeene Farce duh Filange said,

    I earn a E for effort…..:0…..oh no, i spilled milk on the table OH MY GOD! Yes I like Goldfrapp, I dnt care what u say becuase I am only 9 so you can shut up. yes u can that is wat u will do or bad things will happen now go away.

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