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Line Dance Fever

Posted in Pop by M on September 22, 2005

The URGH! Illegal Download of the Week? It’s Line Dance Fever Volume 13! Purportely, it’s a more recent installment of the proud Line Dance Fever series, still going strong a decade later. But take a look at these titles and artists; these country-friendly DJs know what they’re doing.

Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, someone named “Funky G” covering Elvis — these are the line dancing standard-bearers you know and love. And while The Jungle Brothers “Freakin’ You” is only a latter-day Jock Jam, and the less said about the millennial update of “It’s Raining Men” the better, just two tracks make this a killer album.

It’s the one-two punch of The Pointer Sisters and Natalie Cole!

You could end any album with these 80s powerhouses to make it perfect. That awful Nora Jones? All she has to say is “I’m taking off early this album. Now it’s time for you to do the Neutron Dance!” And I’m sold.

So rock on, Line Dance Fever! For Volume 14 I want to see some Patti LaBelle!

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