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George Is On Crack

Posted in Dance,Deep Dish,Music Reviews by M on September 27, 2005

Hey, you know that new(ish) Deep Dish album? The one with the duo pretending they’re Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller on the cover? Well it sucks!

None of the songs on George is On are terrible, but they’re all way too long and not nearly interesting enough.

So it’s time for some CD doctoring. Let’s prune this bush and get us a listenable CD. Just follow these directions:

  1. Play the European first track, “Floating”.
  2. Play track 2, “Sacramento”.
  3. Skip tracks 3-5. Seriously. Oh, you like “Flashdance”? Do you like stupid intros with bad Canadian accents? Flashdance is out!
  4. Play track 6, “Everybody’s Wearing My Head”.
  5. Skip “Say Hello.” The original is nowhere near as good as the Paul van Dyk remix.
  6. On second thought, add in the Paul van Dyk remix.
  7. Skip the Nicks.
  8. Man, “Dub Shepherd” is just that Armand Van Helden song “Entra Mi Casa”. Play that instead!
  9. Keep tracks 10-14, including the European “Bagels” and extended “No Stopping for Nicotine.” None of these songs are very good. Unless you’re stoned!
  10. Get stoned.

Let’s look at the results:

Deep Dish - George Is On

Great! Now it’s the bt album nobody wanted!

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  2. […] You already know I was unimpressed with Deep Dish’s new album. But I’ve enjoyed many of the tracks individually, especially the second single, “Say Hello”. […]

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