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Your Heart’s Smooth. My Soul It’s Unbelieving.

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews by M on October 13, 2005

Livin' Joy - Don't Stop Movin'

I’m only eight years late, but I finally heard the full-length CD for Livin’ Joy – Don’t Stop Movin’. Everybody knows the title song and the single “Dreamer”. But you don’t know “Dreamer” like you do here.

Ms. Tameka Starr’s vocals on the LP’s “Dreamer” are deep, powerful wails. Just like they are on “Don’t Stop Movin’.” And on every other track. But on the single for “Dreamer”, Starr is chirpy and girlish. Her vocals have been pitched up to Kylie levels! I’ve had the single forever and I knew her “Dreamer” vocals were different than her other songs, but I thought she was singing that way on her own. The album proves it was all artificial.

And Livin’ Joy isn’t the only one. On the reworked versions of “Fading Like A Flower” (by Dancing DJs and/or Eric Prydz) Roxette’s GRRL-y rock monotone has been pitched up to make her a breathless teenager. It sounds great, but it wasn’t Roxette. No one who could sing like the processed vocal could possibly have a butch blonde haircut.

So why not pitch up some other deep dance vocals? You could make believe that Cher still has sensation in her vagina!

Or just use a vocalist whose voice is naturally like that, like Jan Johnston. No need to make yourself into Ross Bagdasarian.

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