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Scooter vs Depeche

Posted in Dance,Depeche Mode,Music Reviews,Scooter by M on October 16, 2005

HP Baxxter from Scooter vs The angel from Depeche Mode's Precious single

Scooter, now celebrating their eleventh year of goofy techno cover tunes, has a pretty catchy single in “Hello! (Good To Be Back)”. In fact I though the chanting male chorus wouldn’t be out of place on an album by the twice-as-old Depeche Mode.

But who is really being sampled by Scooter? Read the fine print:

Music and lyrics by Glitter, Leander

Yikes! It’s Gary Glitter!

So be careful. There’s only a thin line of good taste separating “Personal Jesus” from “Rock and Roll Part 2”.

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