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Bananas, Melonas

Posted in Dance,Günther,Music Videos by M on October 18, 2005

Holy shit!

A naked man jumps into the air in the video for Günther's Tutti Frutti Summer Love

Anybody else catch this full frontal male nudity in the video for Günther’s “Tutti Frutti Summer Love”?

Quite frankly, I’m offended. “The Ding Dong Song” video promised us roomfuls of oiled, naked girls, but the only real nudity we saw was Günther’s own backside. And in “Touch Me” he failed to get Samantha Fox naked like we’ve been trying to do since we were 13. Now there’s even less T&A and the most tra-la-la we’ve seen yet. Thumbs down!

PS: Mine’s bigger.

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  1. Mine said,

    Mine is Bigger than yours!

  2. Gunter said,

    Listen. The only things I care about in the world are Respect, Love, and Champagne. Neither of these was expressed in your blog. It’s a no-no… but I like it.

    BTW, No more kiss and leaves!


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