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Please, think of the Eurodance

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews,Pop by M on October 26, 2005

Sally Struthers

I’m Sally Struthers.

For every Paul Oakenfold there are thousands of struggling dance producers who lack the technical skill to produce a competent dance track. That’s why, for just pennies a day, you can help struggling Eurocheese artists like Bikini Girl and their song “Touch My Bikini”.

Bikini Girl - Touch My Bikini

Bikini Girl and other artists are forced to use synthesizers from 1996, and use vocal artists that sound like a lobotomized Milky. In this song the group even steals a riff from Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”—like so many bands before them.

There are thousands of acts just like Bikini Girl starving for a decent hit. And you can make a difference. Please, think of the Eurodance.

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