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Schiller As A Second Language

Posted in Dance,Downloads,Music Reviews,Schiller by M on October 27, 2005

Illegal downloading pays off again!

Jette von Roth and Schiller

You can’t buy Schiller’s new album Tag und Nacht until tomorrow! And even then you have to be in Germany! I only got a hold of “I Feel You” from Schiller’s last album three months ago; it might take years for a legit “Day and Night” to hit our shores. As Americans it’s your patriotic duty to steal this music.

I haven’t yet heard the whole album; the standout track so far is “What’s Coming” with vocalist Jette von Roth. Her lusciously blissed out vocal style is very close to Tiff Lacey’s in songs like ATB’s “Ecstasy”.

Von Roth has a zonky advantage over Lacey, though: she’s a non-native English speaker! Like any good trance song, “What’s Coming” is filled with nonsense lyrics that don’t fit the melody; add von Roth’s vocals and the trippy gets even trippier. Good work!

I love you Schiller!

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