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Kate Bush-ing

Posted in Kate Bush by M on November 1, 2005

Kate Bush has a new album out.  I should maybe listen to her music, rather than label her a proto-Tori Amos and ignore her.  But I can’t say her name without thinking of this Onion article. (Thanks, ap-project!)

If it bleeds, it leads!

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  1. andreas said,

    You’re welcome. Thank you for the Gunter clip. I’ve never seen it before. Great 🙂

  2. […] I’m a believer. After I talked smack about Kate Bush and confessed my unfamiliarity with her work, I finally heard a single off her new album Aerial on the radio. Papa likes it! […]

  3. nadia said,

    hey i think you should listen to some of kate’s earlier work like the kick inside, or the dreaming, or hounds of love. i personally find it hard to get into Aerial, i dont think it’s her best album, but her early i can listen to on loop for days and days. that’s why people rave on about kate bush. dont start with Aerial, start with “never for ever” or “lionheart” they are good albums. then maybe once you are familiar with her early work, you might be able to appreciate how she has progressed in “Aerial” or “Red Shoes”.

    and pleaseee do not compare kate bush to tori amos! i hate that, i hate tori amos – comparing kate to tori is like comparing an apple to an orange, they maybe both be solo female artists who play piano and have a enigmatic or quirky image, but it doesn’t make them the same as each other, and kate’s music is nothing like tori, i believe their minds think differently.

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