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Never Let Him Touch My Heart

Posted in Dance,Deep Dish by M on November 3, 2005

You remember my bitchslap of the album version of “Flashdance” by Deep Dish? Let me elaborate.

I have transcribed the buffoonish, pointless introduction that delays anything we might enjoy about our remake of Shandi’s “He’s A Dream” (off the Flashdance movie soundtrack, hence Deep Dish’s title). This thirty second intro—along with an extra minute and a half of guitar riff the single lacks—bloats “Flashdance” into something really unpleasant. Deep Dish is to blame, but so is whoever said this:

Hey Mac, it’s Rob from Strawberries.

Listen, remember that track you played—you probably don’t—but you played it at, uh, at Helsinki in Canada and I did the air guitar to it.

I finally heard it on your CD man, it’s wicked. I want to know what the name of, uh, the track because—

It’s one of your MP3s and I can’t fast-forward it in my CD player. So it’s stuck and I got to listen to it until the fifty-minute mark.

So anyways if you can, uh, e-mail it to me and actually (unintelligible) buddy

I gave you, uh, a couple of codes (?) yesterday with, um, Danielle so…

This is the track so why don’t you take care?

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  1. Matt said,

    I think you got this transcription wrong. I think he says “Ron from Sudbury” and that they played the track at “Helsinki [an Ottawa bar] on Canada Day”
    and he also says “I did a couple of pills with Danielle yesterday”, which makes more sense.

  2. M said,

    Thanks, Matt! That makes much more sense. I knew I was getting the Canadianisms wrong.

  3. andrew said,

    Thanks for this elaboration … Sudbury is my hometown, so I did a double take when I heard them mention such an obscure city. This confirms it 🙂

  4. stefano said,

    Hey! Thanks a lot for this…i’m not lying to you when i say i’ve listened to this damn intro more than a hundred times trying to write a transcript! I’m not a native speaker so you will imagine the outcome! 🙂 Just a quick note…in the last line it seems to me that the guy doesn’t say neither codes nor pills…can u double check it please? Anybody got the unintelligible word? Thanks a lot!

  5. DJ Goop said,

    I’m pretty sure its goes like this:

    beep – Hey Mac it’s Russ from Sudbury. Listen, remember that track you played, your probably don’t, but you played it at uh, at Helsinki in Canada and I did the air guitar to it? I finally heard it on your CD man and its WICKED! I wanna know the name of the track because its one of your MP3’s and I can’t fast forward it in my CD player. So fuck it, I have to listen to it to the 50 minute mark. So anyways, if you could email that to me that would “????” (someone from Canada help me with that word) buddy. I did a couple of pills yesterday with Danielle, so…..here’s the track buddy. Take care…

    Intro to Deep Dish – Flashdance

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