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Posted in Dance,Music Reviews by M on November 19, 2005

I came across the recent release of Finally by T&F vs. Moltosugo. And kids, I’m in love. It’s Grade-A house music, enjoyable all the way through. So enjoyable, in fact, that we’ll review this CD track by track!

  1. Supamodel (featuring CeCe Rogers)—Right away, the album’s off to a great start. CeCe Rogers, the album’s standout vocalist, puts out vocals that are perfect for a catwalk strut. “Supamodel? is breezier than the rest of the album, but it’s a perfect song that stands on its own.
  2. De Fact (featuring Moony)—Actually, so is “De Fact.? Instead of house music, we get Moony and her Nasty Rock Chick voice (that’s a compliment)! “DJ’s got a track it’s the coolest that’s a fact.? I can’t argue, Moony.
  3. Once In A Lifetime (featuring Double Dee)—It’s a Stonebridge-esque groove, but ain’t nothing wrong with that. And let’s all be proud of Double Dee, who is apparently a male vocalist with very large breasts.
  4. My People (featuring CeCe Rogers)—Our man CeCe returns! We start off with a smooth filtered house loop, then CeCe starts in with some smooth spoken vocals. We get odd sentence constructions like, “There is hate, only keeps us bound,? but that doesn’t stop “My People? from being a tasty slice of electro-house.
  5. Deeper Love—A brisk song. Probably the most synth heavy track. Then CeCe comes in with some brief male vocals!
  6. I Cry—A looped house beat with yet another vocalist. You like it, you think it sounds like Axwell on a good day. Then three minutes in T&FvM give it a synth kick! Well worth the wait!
  7. I Can’t Get Over You (featuring CeCe Rogers)—Here we go! Most Valuable Track! This is genuine disco goodness, and it rocks as hard as any Barbara Tucker house revival. If the backing loop is a sample, it’s a killer one.
  8. Dare To Dream (featuring D’Empress)—Just as strong as D’Empress’s Be My Friend with Scape and Seamus Haji. I want to hear more of her!
  9. Stay (featuring CeCe Rogers)—Another awesome disco track. One minor complaint: the synthesizer in the chorus sounds too much like “Camels? by Santos
  10. Are U Doin’ It With Me—Check this out! It’s a wordless, percussion heavy instrumental with spacey synths and the momentary BLAT! of a horn section. But after further grooving, it’s revealed that those blats are the same sample from “I Can’t Get Over You?! The loop drops back in and demands full attention! Now that’s an encore!
  11. Serenissima (Orkestral Mix)—A similar concept to the previous track, this time with the sample from Stay and no percussion. It’s not so hot, folks; people in the next room will think you’re playing Final Fantasy.
  12. I Can’t Get Over You (Tommy Vee Patu Mix)—T&FvM give their sample a rest for this remix, letting Tommy Vee lay down a sick electronic beat on a bed of sweeping synth strings. Tastes great!

The moral of this story? Swim to Italy and get this album!

PS: It seems that some of these songs are already released in the US as singles thanks to Airplane Records. Check em out!

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  1. Markus said,

    Gotta get this album after this review. De Fact has to be the feel-good song of the year. You can’t listen to it without bouncing!

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