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Push Push In The Kate Bush

Posted in Kate Bush,Music Reviews by M on December 10, 2005

I’m a believer. After I talked smack about Kate Bush and confessed my unfamiliarity with her work, I finally heard a single off her new album Aerial on the radio. Papa likes it!

I now have the album in my hands, though I’ve only listened to Disc 1: “A Sea of Honey”. It’s not perfect; I can use some of the same insults I use against Tori:

  • Too many solo piano numbers.
  • Her voice ain’t good!

Bush sidesteps a lot of these problems, though. She’s got awesome synths and a good pop sensibility that makes her very listenable.

I’ve listed the tracks off Disc 1 and my thoughts below. This time I’ve crossed out the tracks I just can’t deal with. It’s our URGH way of saying, “beware”!

  1. “King of the Mountain”—The synths are great, the tempo is groovy, and that touch of guitar is hot! This is the single currently on the radio; good choice!
  2. “π”—He does love his numbers. A little trying, but the change-offs between the acoustic guitar and synthesized bass keep things interesting.
  3. “Bertie”—Too English! That’s OK; it happens to the best of us, even The Zep!
  4. “Mrs. Bartolozzi”—Sorry; this one’s a deal-killer. The opening ain’t bad, but Bush doesn’t do nearly enough on her solo piano to make it worth sticking around for six minutes. Tolerable only if you play the Mrs. Bartolozzi Drinking Game: Drink every time Kate Bush says “Washing Machine”. You’ll be passed out by the time you get to “Splishy Sploshy Splishy Sploshy, get that dirty shirty clean.” Hell yeah!
  5. “How To Be Invisible”—This is more like it! I don’t care if it baldly lifts from Depeche Mode, it works! And whoever plays guitar for KB deserves a medal.
  6. “Joanni”—It’s not bad, though there’s no way I’m going to approve that Muppet-esque grunting at the end of the track. Not to be confused with “Gimme Hope Jo’anna” by Eddy Grant.
  7. A Coral Room—Another six minute solo piano number? You can let me off right here.

Stay tuned for Disc 2: A Sky of Honey!

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