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But Now He’s With Somebody New

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews by M on December 21, 2005

All right, kids; it’s time to go back all the way to the year 1996. We’re looking at an old, but interesting cover tune:

Let The Music Play by Mary Kiani vs Let The Music Play by Shannon

It’s “Let The Music Play” by Mary Kiani (“MäRY KiANi”?), a cover of the 80s song by Shannon!

So what’s interesting about it? For starters, who would have thought that Motiv8 would have the most respectful remix?

Kiani’s original Radio Mix is pedestrian 1996 cheese-pop; nothing at all distinguishes it. Was Jackie “O” busy? (BONUS: See below.)

Surprisingly, there’s a Perfecto Studios mix. And even more surprisingly, it isn’t that good. Perfecto’s sound has aged much better, but Oakenfold and the gang have made some boring decisions, making this second track almost as pointless as the first. Oakenchoad would later use the exact same piano chord progression for Wild Colour‘s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

So what makes Motiv8 so special? It’s his intro. Motiv8 starts off with the same played-out 90s synths, but after a few seconds drops in the “harpsichord” sample from the original Shannon song! Far out!

Then there are four more tracks nobody cares about.

So the moral of this story is that sometimes, even the guy who remixed “Jellyhead” can do better than Oakenfold.

BONUS DERISION! There’s no need for a Where Are They Now for Jackie “O”. She’s still doing the same goddamn thing:

  • In 1995 she did a dance cover of Oasis. People said: “Jackie’s vocals last for a longer time and offer a more dynamic range than those in the original.”
  • In 2005 she did a dance cover of the Pussycat Dolls. People said: “This is exactly what kills Almighty’s reputation,” and “Vocals sound like a transvestite.”

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  1. Mary Kiani has now released her second album “The Sydney Sessions” ir is available through her website http://www.marykiani.com

    Mary is fantastic and has one of the most unique voices in Pop.

    A living legend!

  2. M said,

    Thanks, Deirdre!

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