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No More Trauma!

Posted in Mary J. Blige,Music Reviews,Pop by M on December 31, 2005

Mary J Blige

Mary J. Blige is back with “The Breakthrough”, just in time for Grammy consideration. But don’t believe the hype! Other music bloggers are drooling, but there’s nothing new and nothing exciting about the new MJB.

Here’s a confession; I can’t stand the Blige! I don’t like her voice, and I really don’t like her weak-ass production team.

I know, I know; Mary J. recites more than she sings, and her conviction should be enough. But that’s why her production is such a big mistake. Her vocals are pushed way out in front of the instrumentation and pumped up to such a high volume that her performance is turned into an assault. Mary’s like that guy in a teleconference that shouts into the speakerphone.

And Jesus, Mary; just walk into the booth and fire everyone. As an album The Breakthrough is an Adventure in Homogeny. Every upbeat is punctuated by a finger snap, a hand clap, or a triangle ping. In every song.

Except for one: I’m hoping “Baggage” becomes a single and picks up some good remixes. This one has a great beat, but the vocals need to be mixed back down into the music.

And that cover of U2‘s “One”? Hideous! But it’s mostly Bono‘s fault for a phoned-in, hammed-up performance.

I don’t want to hate MJB, really. But there’s nothing special about her voice or her music, and nobody she works with seems interested in making her sound any better. She’ll get by coasting; she always has. But I’d rather see her with a smooth producer that can use her power and her sense of rhythm to her advantage.

In the meantime, I’ll be nasty:

A bilge pump version of Mary J Blige

More like Mary J. Bilge! Ha ha ha!

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  1. jenjen422 said,

    If you have nothing to say that’s nice,don’t say anything at all. You can not compare britney tih Mary. Britney got lucky, Mary had to work hard at it.
    Mary has been thru alot, she tought her way to the top with personal problems, coming from New Rochelle,NY. She fought and she made it.

  2. jenjen422 said,

    Britney speard isn’t even in the same catagory with Mary J Blige.
    Mary came from the projects in New Rochelle NY. She sings much better than Britney. She had to fight her way up. She has proved herself to her fans.

  3. M said,

    True, but Mary’s kids won’t grow up to see their mother’s vagina all over the Internet.

  4. Sozo Ice said,

    I will remain a class act because the Queen of Hip Hop deserves no less. But I am really amazed that someone who obviously has not a clue of the true history of this true artist, actually took the time to show his/her ignorance by posting this info on this blog. I won’t be as “nasty” as you and give you some credit for recognizing she does have talent, and a beautiful voice, but that is all the grace you get. Mary J. Blige didn’t win numerous Grammys, VH1, MTV, and BET awards, (and countless others) because she had no talent or was just coasting. But two things are for sure, you have your right to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is, and Mary J. Blige nor any of her fans need to defend who she is or what she can do to you…

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