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“I’m Ice MC, and I’m Plopping In My Pants!”

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews by M on January 24, 2006

Ice MC

Today URGH! looks back on the mid-nineties Eurodance “horror” song “Scream”, by Ice MC. It’s a “Monster Mash” for a new generation!

I have other Ice MC songs, but somehow I missed this one the first time around. I never thought of Ice as ambitious, but I suppose in this moment he wanted to record his “Thriller”, his “Somebody’s Watching Me”. But even Rockwell would be embarrassed to record this track.

And Ice doesn’t help himself by repeatedly announcing, “I’m Ice MC, and I’m plopping in my pants!”

So as a service to you, I have transcribed a portion of “Scream.” In this verse, Ice namechecks all the scary movies that inspired his plopping. It’s kind of like the song “Rocket” by Def Leppard!

Do you remember The Omen?
The film with Damian?
Or Sergeant Weaver from the film called Alien?
Jason—BRRR!—from Friday 13?
And the pumpkin in the telly from the film Halloween?

I’m sure you’re sweating.
The beat is alive.
I’ll make you jump, shiver, quiver
Make you jump and jive.
If you ever get scared, yo, take it from me:
Close your eyes and think about Ice MC!

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  1. Konstantin said,

    Thanx for that transcription! Could you transcribe another verses of that song?

  2. Alexandersou said,

    please, i have beet searching for 7 hours on the net for this song… i finally found it, corrupted however.
    It was my favourite song, ages ago (at school!)
    And i cannot find the lyrics….
    Not after 7 hours of searching, the only site i discovered is yours.
    Do you have the lyrics?
    please answer at alexandersou@gmail.com

    thanks a lot!!

  3. M said,

    Sorry, Alexander! I do not have lyrics to the song, and I had a lot of trouble transcribing the rap alone. It still may be incorrect.

  4. denise said,

    i recently (10 minutes ago) began the quest of searching for the lyrics for a friend, but after reading your entry abt not finding them after so many hours…hmm…i kinda lost my optimistic view…

  5. john said,

    can somebody tell me what he said at chorus? i don’t understand …this is all i understand :” -scream- , ………. in the night , make you feel ………, -scream- , ……… in the dark , scream into the ……….” something like that. . i don’t understand english to good ! .. this are the words than i don’t understand … and i can’t find the lyrics !

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