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Here We Go Again!

Posted in Dance,Public Enemy by M on January 27, 2006

I was hard at work, minding my own business, when suddenly iTunes belched up this sample:

Chuck D: “Here we go again!”

Flava Flav and Chuck D of Public Enemy

What the hell? What year is this? Everyone‘s used that Public Enemy sample! Even Everclear!

The offending song is indeed from the 21st Century: “Hardcore Vibes (Club Mix)” by the so-called Rave Allstars.

I relaxed. This version of “Hardcore Vibes” is a remake of a much older Happy Hardcore-esque song by Dune, known for the impenetrable chorus of “Hardcore Vibes, that I run things, yeah!” and the benediction of “This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation,” along with, I suppose, that Chuck D quote. It may drive me up the wall, but reusing an original song’s samples is fair game.

But for a closer inspection, I pulled my copy of “Hardcore Vibes” from the URGH vaults. My copy is credited to Brunee instead of Dune; I don’t know if this is the same band or if it’s a cover.

What did I discover? The original song does not sample Chuck D! So guess what, Rave Allstars? You have no right to go back to that wheezy, played out sample of a wheezy, played out MC! No Chuck D for you!

This rant is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation.

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  1. Manu200 said,


    Sorry for my bad English; I’m from Germany!

    I have the original Dune maxi CD Hardcore Vibes. It is from 1995, the same time as Brunee made this song, but Brunee never made any CDs. The song from Brunee is just on 2 CDs (look – http://www.discogs.com/artist/Brunee). I think they bring out the song as Brunee and for their first own CD they decided for another, maybe better name.

    I still have the Dance Now! 10 CD with Brunee. The Songs are the same but the Dune songs sounds a little bit newer with better bass. I think maybe they recorded the song new for their own maxi.

    For better information, try to contact Dune here http://www.dune.de/contact.html

    Greetings Manu200

  2. M said,

    Great! Thanks for the information, Manu!

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