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“Shit, Baby, You Got Me Mesmerized”

Posted in Dance,Faith Evans,Music Reviews,Pop by M on February 1, 2006

Faith Evans - The First Lady

Our associate D spent the better part of last week praising Faith Evans. No context was added, just random phone calls and text messages demanding that I find him more of her work.

But Faith Evans was on my “ignore this artist” list, for reasons I had forgotten. I ignored the request.

But this week I hear a remix of her song “Mesmerized” for the first time. The Freemasons Full Vocal Mix? It’s hot!

I don’t care that the song is a total rip-off of Company B’s “Fascinated”, it gets me moving all the same.

But why was I ignoring Miss Evans? Amazon dot com reminded me:

“Hailed as the First Lady of Sean Combs‘ Bad Boy label…”

Oh, hell no! She’s the widow!

I then remembered her awful contribution to Puff Daddy’s “tribute” to her husband, ruining the weakest link in The Police‘s music catalog. I wrote Faith Evans off at that point. Now, almost a decade later I’m finally considering an end to the fatwa.

Meanwhile D has never heard “Mesmerized”! What Faith Evans song got him excited? “Love Like This”, a pedestrian 1998 track he’s only heard of now!

This man has no taste!

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