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You Don’t Say Say Say?

Posted in Dance,Music Videos by M on February 1, 2006

Are you one of the people who talked trash about Milky for sampling Paul McCartney and Wings in “Just The Way You Are”? Or Andy and the Lamboy for turning “Silly Love Songs” into “Come Rain, Come Shine”?

Not me! I like Wings so much I’ve listened myself retarded!

And guess what? All those fake Michael Jackson vocals in house music? I like them, too! Troy Brown’s “Blame it On…”? Martin Solveig’s “Rockin’ Music”? Bring em on! It beats listening to Timbersnake.

But can I handle these two obnoxious artists at the same time…?

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson for Say Say Say

Oh, crap!

But this is just what our friends Hi Tack have done: they’ve sampled “Say Say Say”, the hideous 80s duet between McCartney and Jackson that tries even my patience! And unlike Troy Brown (who uses Jermaine Maxwell) and Martin Solveig (who uses Jay Sebag), Hi Tack seem to use Jackson’s original vocals.

At least the Hi Tack video is better than original. Sure, it’s just more partially-dressed European women clutching at their breasts. But it isn’t Paul McCartney in fucking clown makeup!

I had nightmares for weeks!

But that’s not to say Hi Tack’s video is without fault: why do you guys want to be the Blue Man Group?

Hi Tack in the Say Say Say video

Stick to the naked women, kids.

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