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Who’s Your Daddy? Benassi, of course.

Posted in Benassi,Dance,Music Reviews by M on February 9, 2006

Stephen Hawking

A new Benny Benassi single! Time to plug the ears and hope the video has tits and power tools, right?

I mean, all those Stephen Hawking vocals are played out! Hey Benny! No one cares that you can make a robot voice box say dirty words. “Satisfaction”? “I Love My Sex”? That road only takes you so far.

But surprisingly “Who’s Your Daddy” is good! And it’s good because of yet another annoying vocal!

Using Professor Hawking’s powers of space and time, Benassi has traveled back to the year 1997 and kidnapped the vocalist from The Mighty Dub Katz! You remember: the high-pitched female voice that kept saying “a-rink-dink-dink-dink”? No longer on a “Magic Carpet Ride” with Norman Cook, she’s now spitting out lyrics to go along with her former nonsense tune:

I want you daddy.
I want you mom.
I want you mine.
And I am yours.
I want you stronger.
I want you harder.
I want you mine.
Till you feel fine.

All of this plays off the “Satisfaction”-esque vocals we expect from Benassi, providing audible evolution of his style.

I didn’t think he could do it, but this is sexy stuff. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Dave Guetta mix! Congratulations, Benassi!

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  2. Park Cities said,

    I’ve been Googling that “rink dink dink dink” lyric for several years trying to find the name of the artist. Thanks . . .

  3. M said,

    I know the feeling! It’s how I ended up discovering the name of the song “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora. Glad I could help!

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