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If There’s Hair Below, That’s Where I’m Gonna Go!

Posted in Music Reviews,Pop by M on February 11, 2006

A very sarcastic “thank you” to Audiofile for reminding me about electro-douchebags The Crystal Method.

All these years later I’m still annoyed by their stupid, sophomoric name and their rather forgettable music.

However Audiofile offers up a direct link to a song called “Smoked”. And it’s actually not a bad electro-groove. It’s still as obnoxious as all Hell, though. Check out this spoken-word interlude:

“There ain’t no bottle of Vicodin or Endocet or any of them pills you Midwestern bitches like to take that’s gonna help save you from your life! I’m talking to you Miss Minivan!”

That’s right; more drug references and a tired retread through “Mother’s Little Helper” territory.

I think it’s time we held an intervention for the Crystal boys. They can do all the drugs they want, but it’s time to stop talking about them.

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