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Easy Rabbit Lover

Posted in Dance,Divided,Music Videos,Phil Collins,Philip Bailey by M on March 12, 2006

A few months ago a group called Divided seranaded us with a decent cover of “Easy Lover”, that Phil Collins/Philip Bailey 80s hit.

Unlike most filtered house covers, Divided’s isn’t overly bombastic; it adds faux-Spanish guitar and electronic warbling to the original 80s riffs, but it hardly embarrasses the original—any more than Collins already did. Collins and Bailey would approve!

Phil Collins and Philip Bailey singing “Easy Lover”

Then I see the video for Divided’s song. As is now standard, it’s literally just one big porn shoot: a voyeuristic video about voyeurism.

“Hilton Paris” on a bed surrounded by rabbits in the video for Divided's “Easy Lover”

The filmmakers carelessly name the woman “Hilton Paris”, but doesn’t she look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?

So lame Boogie Nights scenarios are staged, lesbian overtones are sounded, and cocks are teased. The actress is indeed pretty, but I didn’t care for the bunny rabbits surrounding her.

Then it takes a turn for the worse: FURRIES!!!

“Hilton Paris” making love to a man in a rabbit suit in the video for Divided's “Easy Lover”


“Furry” fetishes make me sick to my stomach! Don’t we remember Alison Goldfrapp being embraced by a naked woman in a rabbit mask on the cover of “Strict Machine”? I couldn’t take that, and that’s just the head!

Divided’s “Easy Lover” gives us a whole rabbit suit, and shows us the fat sweaty guy underneath! (And yes, all “yiff” fanatics are fat and sweaty.) Luckily the video never shows anything more than the above gyrations of the bunny’s felt crotch into her behind. I couldn’t stand it.

Is this more psychologically revealing of me than of the video? Before I could listen to the song, imagining the goofy pairing of the guy from Earth, Wind, and Fire with the guy from Genesis. Now I close my eyes and see Phil Collins in a bear suit.

The nightmares!

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  1. Fara said,

    the only thing gross about it is that he’s holding a human…..

  2. Candy said,

    Hey, I’m a fursuiter and I ‘yiff’ on the internet with my fiance. I’m 5’6″, Blond, Blue Eyed, a WOMAN and I weigh 100 lbs. Call me fat and sweaty again and I’ll get bitchier!

    There’s nothing fucking wrong with furries.

  3. Will Crites said,

    I’m a cosplayer, and I find nothing wrong with furries. But there are a few who take it way to far. Yea, yea I know some cosplayers do to.

  4. Brian Walker said,

    I’m a furry. And Im not fat and sweaty. I swear people are so stupid when it comes to furries. And it is not entirely a fetish either. It is also a culture. So bite my furry ottery butt ^.^

  5. MOD-British Baptist said,

    we totally approve of this blog
    Very thought provoking. How do you feel about adult babies?? They are as bent.

  6. Korvis said,

    sick to your stomach? wow… you must be an intolerant, narrow minded, conservative piece of scum? maybe?

    furs are just expressing themselves in a unique way, which, by the way, im sure you are completely incapable of doing. here is a bit of advice: open your mind and you might find that you like alot more things than you thought. nobody agrees with you on this issue, and your opinion, as much as you are allowed it, nobody respects. that is what happens when you judge people without a second thought or explanation.

    let me put this challenge to you: explain why this is so disgusting. ill bet you cant.

    at any rate, i happen to be a fur, and you are part of the reason open-minded people are so often looked down upon around the world.

  7. Vexxxy said,

    Granted it is a fugly set, and a fugly suit, and the woman looks disturbingly plastic… It pyschologically disturbs you?

    Really? O.o

    Get it together… <..>

  8. ferre_kun said,

    i take it as your way to express yourself. but i need to break it down so i can comment your comment fairly. okay, you were commenting a band. it didn’t really bother you, what bothered you was the videoclip. which is happen to be a girl and a guy wearing costume. you despise it, okay. a lot of people make videoclip whatever they want to, even if it ugly like hell.

    but you make a judgement over your assumption that all furries are fat and sweaty. personally, i don’t care what you think even if you think santa is fat and sweaty (but i know you’re smart enough not to say that coz it’ll ignites all christian on entire world. am i right?)

    so why didn’t you think before you post negative assumption about furries it will ignite the fury of people that loves furry? coz to be honest, i found your thread because a friend of mine (who happen to be a furry) ask for a help to condemned you for judging furry.

    maybe if you put it as some, or “there are people like that”, or whatever, then most people can accept your opinion. but you generalised it. you make people that like furry to be fat and sweaty. well, news for you. i’m furry, and i’m skinny. but i bet you will never believe. email me, we’ll share webcam. or you can come to my country (like hell you will :p)

    or maybe you just want to get a lot of people to visit your blog? by posting provocative comment? if that’s what you did, then you’re A WAY LOT MORE DISGUSTING THAN ANYTHING YOU COMMENTED WITHOUT CONSIDERING OTHER’S FEELING.

    grow up brat!

  9. i’m a furry fan, some call me furry others not. But no fetishes, and neither would I have a sexual act with anyone my ages until i’m married. Not every furry, or anthromorphic fan has a fetish, and neither do I. But I see it’s wrong to even have videos on furry fetish, especially an official music video. Dont get me wrong here.

    if your a fan of bugs bunny you may be accused of being a furry. But if your not a fetishist or an animal raper, what can ya do?

  10. Hans said,

    @ Korvis

    You Communist son of a bitch! What the hell does being conservative have to do with being scum??? Libertarians are ubereconomically conservative…so believing in the freedom of people makes someone scum? I would kick your poser ass with my furry foot!

  11. Jory said,

    That *is* Collins/Bailey’s voice. It is a not a cover. It is a new version with sampled vocals.

  12. Mr Giggles said,

    Idiot! Why is it that people hate furs though. I see nothing wrong with them. Hell most of them seem to be hated for doing stuff in a fursuit while the real freaks get praised for leaving shit like this on the web. Shame on you

  13. wapanese_pwnz_furry said,

    Forget furries, you should do a thread about Waps/Weeaboos. Furries are over-rated and there are just as many cosplayers re-enacting RL “Inuyasha x Kagome” sex scenes as there are furries yiffing each other in home-made mascot suits of Sonic The Hedgehog and Tails the Fox. Then there’s all those Yaoi (gay anime porn) and shota (underaged gay anime porn) fanfreaks… granted most of them are chicks, but still kinda creepy that they get off to porn of little anime kiddies.

  14. Siabus said,

    Furry, reporting in!
    Nothing wrong with a lil yiff in your life!

    Closet furry? Maybe.

  15. Yuuhi said,

    Your intitled to your own opinon I guess but let me make a couple things clear. Not all furries are fat, sweaty, gay, nerdy, freaks. In fact there are alot of people who do it as a way to experss themselfs. Also yiff is just sex, plain and simple. Yiff is an amazing way to have sex, its more like making love if anything else. Your article is good I just wish people would stop knocking furries theres too much of this going on.

  16. Miss Medusa said,

    I dont see anythin wrong with furries!
    I am a woman a sexy @ that n no not all furries
    are fat slobbish fags theres quiet a lotta chicks 2
    So to each there own if u dont like it

  17. Daxrus said,

    Hello, sir, and let me point out that stereotyping, in any sense, is wrong. As these people have said before, not all furries are as bad as you say. In fact, I happen to be one, I’m rather slender, and I’m a decent person, once you get to know me. As the previous comment stated, though rather poorly if you ask me, to each their own. Your right to wing your fist ends where my nose begins. You can say what you will about the culture, but don’t broadcast terrible things about it like the rest of the ‘ordinary people’ on the internet. It’s really bad for those of us that don’t fit the stereotype. I’ll admit, maybe some of us take it too far. Like I, personally, would never wear a fursuit. Ears and a tail at a convention, sure, that’d be fine. But a full-body suit is just too hot for me. But then you have those who do wear these things, not only to conventions, but out in public. That, too, is fine. As I said before, to each their own.
    So good day to you sir, and may fortune smile upon you.

  18. MasterRaiger said,

    Furrs are nice people, I’m a furr (yah I like to spell wrong).

    I don’t yiff in public, I don’t draw yiff and I don’t find my neighbors dog sexy *twitch* that just icky… (just wanted to make that clear)

    I’m a girl feline and my male companion is dragon and canine. I’m alittle chubby *pokes it* but I don’t put on the fur suits. My mate is 6’1″ ripped like a god! So yeah some of us are fat, both my mate and I have homosexual preferences but it just looks bad because I mew sometimes and I has a collar.

    So would an average fat dude in a tank top be okay for you? I just don’t see the difference really…

    I don’t see how what your complainging fits to furries as a group. Some indeviduals maybe but not the furries I know… Do alittle research, talk to some furries… Um… better yet, don’t… Talk to a furry that isn’t a stereotype… Like me, or the NICE furrs above. Here my E-mail Dragon_wing_silver@yahoo.com just let me know you have questions. I’ll help you.


    Thankies *mew*

  19. MasterRaiger said,

    Sorry if my last post was useless… It was more about clearing up my confusion and providing possible help instead of making you read everything. Oops I’m ranting again…

  20. Rokker said,

    I’m open minded and even borderline deviant, but I have to agree with the author (although maybe not so demonstrative) – FURRIES ARE WEIRD and oddly disturbing. So is buying soiled underwear and smelling it.

  21. Consuela said,

    Ok…so I have to say I find the whole furry thing very creepy. I don’t see why so many of the people on here where offended by the assumption that all of those who dress up are fat. Like really? That’s the worst reputation you people have to defend…?
    Personally, I think you need to look into yourself and see why you are really dressing up like animals; there may be something wrong with you psychologically. You shouldn’t need an animal costume to meet people/lovers. It’s just plain odd and unnatural. The whole idea is creepy and awkward. Dressing up should be left for Halloween.

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