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Most Precious Barbara Tucker

Posted in Barbara Tucker,Dance,Music Videos by M on April 9, 2006

A computer animated Barbara Tucker in the video for Most Precious Love

Oh, you know I love Barbara Tucker!

Ms. Tucker has house hooks and she knows how to use them! Most recently she’s teamed up with Blaze for the song “Most Precious Love”

The video is computer animated, so of course the first thing I thought of was “Money for Nothing”. But I really should have a different 80s video in mind. Check this out: towards the end of the video Kevin Blaze throws a set of keys to a nerd in the audience.

A computer animated Kevin Blaze in the video for Most Precious Love.

The keys are to the stylish pink Blaze limo, finally allowing this twerp to score!

A nerd and his girlfriend in the video for Most Precious Love

That’s in the proud tradition of ZZ Top!

I encourage all rock stars to donate their awesome rides to the sexually less fortunate. For just five minutes a day in the back of the Eliminator, you too can provide some action to nerds across the world.

Please, think of the nerds.

ZZ Top's keys to the Eliminator

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