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Our love is! Like Walter!

Posted in Rock by M on May 5, 2006

Ed Kowalczyk from Live.

It is so satisfying to do a Google search for “the guy from Live”.

Come on, you don’t know his name, either. (It’s not Walter.) But I didn’t even click on these links below and I’m laughing hard!

  • “Bald people (Michael Stipe, the guy from Midnight Oil, the guy from Live, Sinead O’Connor, Right Said Fred) can’t dance.”
  • “[The] bald Bon Jovi dude [on American Idol] looks like every other lame-ass 90’s ‘alternative’ lead singer (like the guy from Live).”
  • “I didn’t know Grant Morrison/Brian Vaughan/The Guy from Live/A million other white bald guys…used MySpace!!!”
  • “My friend replied, ‘No, thanks.’ And the guy from Live flipped out and said, ‘What? Don’t you KNOW who I am? Why wouldn’t you want MY autograph?'”
  • “…or of how watching that guy from Live shake his head around like a monkey in the ‘I Alone’ video put everything to perspective for them. …”
  • “The singer Dave is bald and reminds me of the guy from Live or Staind. Does every band have to have a bald singer now? It seems the balder the singer…

I’m curious how that last one ends. Does it involve pube shaving?

PS: Ed Kowalczyk.

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