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Fully Filtered

Posted in Pop,Rock by M on May 13, 2006

The phenomenon of bands with the word “wolf” in their name is well-documented. None of those bands can compare to my favorite music personality though: Wolfman Jack.

The trends don’t stop with pack hunters, though. There may be another band word to watch out for: “filter”.

Everybody knows about the “Hey Man, Nice Shot” band Filter, but one band doesn’t make a trend. What made me curious was the new dance act FilterFunk, popular now with a narcoleptic filtered house remix of The Police song “Message in a Bottle”.

To investigate, I went to the iTunes music store to see their selection of filterbands. Observe:

Mojo Filter, Filter, Cherry Filter, Filter Kingz, Cast Iron Filters, The Mojo Filters, FilterFunk, Color Filter, and Filter Kingz & La Lupe

With the exception of Cast Iron Filter (contemporary bluegrass), and Filter Kingz & La Lupe (1960s Cuban music), these bands seem to have come and gone with no impact. That’s no indication of a trend. But what’s this?

Filter, by Tomb's Wolf

An album called Filter? From a band called Tomb’s Wolf?

The circle is now complete!

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