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What Boys Like

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews by M on May 15, 2006

The Space Cowboy

Oh, Space Cowboy, I loved your remake of “I Would Die 4 U.” It was warm, luscious and exciting! But this Waitresses pseudo-remake? “I Know What Boys Like”? I don’t think I’m feeling it. Let’s tally up the numbers:

  • Annoying female vocals: minus ten points!
  • Annoying male vocals: minus twenty points!
  • A Santos remix, reminding us how disappointed we were with “Camels”: minus ten points!
  • Unlistenable after two minutes: uh, minus a lot of points!
  • A guitar line blatantly stolen from Joy Division: OMG! Plus a million points!

You win this time, Space Cowboy!

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