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John The Retardator

Posted in Depeche Mode,Music Reviews by M on May 24, 2006

No offense, but sometimes Depeche Mode has some pretty stupid lyrics. Case in point, their new single “John the Revelator”.

The first two verses get off to a bad start:

John the Revelator
Put him in an elevator!

John the Revelator
he’s a smooth operator!

Speaking of smooth operators, Sade used some dead-dumb lyrics as well. Unless her audience really does require streetcar desire.

After these Playskool lyrics, DM go into a round of “Who’s that shouting? John the Revelator!” They’ve done call-and-response before. (“It’s a lot, it’s a lot, it’s a lot, it’s a lot….”) But this is approaching Van Halen level of band-wide vocal activity. When do Martin and the gang join Dave Gahan in pronouncing, “thought you’d never miss me till I got a Fat City address!”?

“John the Revelator is still a solid song, and there are even lyrical bright spots. I dig the the numerology of “Seven lies multiplied by seven multiplied by seven again.”

And it’s nice to see the website showcase DM’s sense of humor.

The Depeche Mode Store.  Pain and suffering in various sizes.

I LOLed.

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  1. HowieMaui said,

    Ouch! John the Retardator? A little harsh, don’t ya think? 🙂

  2. nikola said,

    Ok, listen. I wouldn’t want to sound like I understand every single word of their songs, but we all have to admit they are one of the greatest ever bands in the world of their own. And one more, don’t touch them, I’d kill for it!

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