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Speak and Smell

Posted in Depeche Mode,iTunes by M on May 24, 2006

Bonus Depeche!

I didn’t even realize until now how I rated DM’s “Speak and Spell” in iTunes until now:

The Depeche Mode album Speak and Spell in iTunes, with every track rated only one star, except for the four-star Just Can't Get Enough.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

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  1. thealid said,

    I think I read in a magazine, that the band themselves (or maybe just one of them) don’t like the album. If that’s not damming evidence, then nothing is.

  2. M said,

    That dastardly Vince Clarke! He made Depeche Mode too jaunty!

    And no joke, Ali. I clicked on your homepage link and jumped out of my seat because of that Aphex Twin photo. And that’s happened to me at least twice before with different pictures from that same video on other people’s sites!

    If Aphex Twin makes music, I’ll never know. I’ll be hiding under the bed.

  3. thealid said,

    Heh, yeah, he’s basically trying to scare people into listening to his stuff. It is pretty terrifying at some times.

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