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Geisha Girl in a Cherry Blossom World!

Posted in Dance,Memoirs of a Geisha,Music Reviews by M on June 7, 2006

Bitchy Geishas from “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

Everybody hates Memoirs of a Fucking Geisha. But for some reason, I have the song “Geisha Girl” by Janice Grace on high rotation.

Like the movie, “Geisha Girl” is a useless, derivative throwback. The Tracy Young Mixshow Edit in particular sounds like something Robbie Rivera threw in the trash back in 2000.

But to me, the song is so bad it’s good! The lyrics in particular are preposterous. Choice lines include, “Singing songs of long lost passion, she is dressed in high kimono fashion!” and “Caters to his ego! Nurtures his libido!” But I’m a fan of this particular verse:

Her face is a soft kind of tinted white.
Like a radiant Japanese water sprite.
Her mouth is a crimson covered berry.
He gently takes a bite and he grows childishly merry.

Water sprite? Really?

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  1. Janice Grace said,

    Any press is good press, Thanks for your scathing review. FYI the line is
    Her face is a soft canvas painted white.


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