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BF Goodbitch

Posted in Rock by M on July 24, 2006

If I were a nasty rock chick, my stage name would be BF Goodbitch.

I’d be riding on your tires all night, baby.

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Color Correction

Posted in Music Videos,Paris Hilton,Pop by M on July 14, 2006

Something’s not quite right about that “Stars Are Blind” video. Maybe I can fix it….

Paris Hilton in the Stars Are Blind video, tinted green to resemble her sex tape.

Might as well be consistent.

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Whatever Happened To The Funky Race?

Posted in Music Reviews,Pop,Rock by M on July 11, 2006

Try this recipe!

  1. Take The Ark‘s hit anthem “It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane” from 2000.
  2. Have it covered by Italian hacks Punk Division, who previously butchered The White Stripes.

The result? Something that sounds a heck of a lot like the New Radicals!

Gregg Alexander from the New Radicals in the video for You Get What You Give

I’m giving Punk Division a pass this time just because their vocalist is totally nineties! Sure, the original Ark vocalist Ola Salo sounds similar, too, but Punk Division’s anonymous session musicianship buffs the song’s sharp glam edges into something that can pass for good ol’ American pop rock! Well, besides that Italian accent….

Plus, the Punk Division cover comes with a T&F vs Moltosugo remix! Their smooth disco sound is all wrong for this cover, but I love T&F! And Moltosugo! You’ve got the music in you!

But don’t dis The Ark, this is still the second best song that has “Fool” in the title.

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Just Eat It!

Posted in James Blunt,Pop,Weird Al Yankovic by M on July 8, 2006

“Weird Al” Yankovic singing and playing an accordion.

If you don’t hear about a “controversial” “Weird Al” Yankovic cover of a James Blunt song until a month after it happens, you’re a bad music blogger.

And if you download the song not knowing it’s a James Blunt cover, you really have no reason to be a music blogger.

Tune in next year when your host finally discovers that Gnarls Barkley album!