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Kosheen Conundrum!

Posted in Blank & Jones,Dance,Kosheen,Music Reviews by M on August 15, 2006

URGH reader Chris gives us the facts you should know!

You realize that “Catch” was originally penned by Kosheen, and not by Blank & Jones.

I did realize that, soon after my original post, thanks to these Perfect Beat reviewers. I was going to follow up with that information, too, until I heard some of the original Kosheen “Catch.”

Because I didn’t like it.

And this isn’t the first time! Years ago, I shrugged my shoulders at Kosheen’s “Hide U”—not bad, a little monotonous, but a decent effort. Then Suzanne Palmer did her own cover of the song, and I approved! But random Amazon.com reviewer thinks I made a big mistake!

Anybody who likes this version has no respect for artists/songwriters. … I know some people prefer Suzanne’s vocals, that’s nice and all, but this is analogous to someone who studies hard in school, writes an exam and the person sitting next to them cheats off them and they get the same mark…it’s ethically wrong.

Wow! I’m one step away from Judgement at Nuremberg!

One of these days I’m going to have to give the entire Kosheen catalog a fresh listen. Because this makes two Kosheen songs I have dissed and dismissed—and then applauded the covers. Siān Evans deserves better!

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