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“I’d like to have as many arms as Vishnu”

Posted in Rock,Steely Dan by M on August 15, 2006

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, as depicted in Yacht Rock

You have probably seen this link dozens of times by now, but Steely Dan‘s open letter to Wes Anderson is high-larious.

In this letter, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen try to convince Anderson to hire them to do the music for his new movie, instead of the 60s rock of “twelve-string guitars, harpsichords and mandolins” he usually uses.

You yourself may be partial to those particular instruments. We’re not. Remember, we saw “Tom Jones” in its original theatrical release when we were still in high school, we had to listen to “Walk Away Renee” all through college and we fucking opened for Roger McGuinn in the seventies, so all that “jingle-jangle morning” shit is no big thrill for us, OK?

Watch it, Walt and Don! You think Seu Jorge gave Wes this kind of shit? He was there to play Bowie and like it!

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