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Lyrically Fresh

Posted in Pop,Rock by M on September 26, 2006

I really need to sign up with I Love Music. (Also known as ILX, or I Love Christ.) There was an excellent discussion last week:

Covers That Try Feebly to Modernize the Original Lyrics


  • Cake changed Gloria Gaynor‘s ‘I Will Survive’, because ‘I should have changed my stupid lock’ just wasn’t that cool in 1996.”
  • Morrissey sorta does this with ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’. He changed the lyrics from Walkman –> Discman –> iPod.”
  • “‘And her Zune Player started to melt.'”

Zune Player! Enjoy it; that reference will be funny for about three more weeks.

Bonus Awkward Technology References: The Internet In Song.

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