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I Put My Blindfolders On!

Posted in Justin Timberlake,Kelis,Pop by M on September 27, 2006

A photo of Kelis and a photo of Justin Timberlake

But “blindfolders” isn’t a word! That’s only the beginning: observe this exchange today at URGH! World Headquarters:

M: I’ve had two absolutely ridiculous songs stuck in my head all day.

Co-Worker: What are they?

M: That Timberlake one [“SexyBack”].

Co-Worker: That’s a good one.

M: And then that one by Kelis [“Blindfold Me”].

Co-Worker: That one’s good, too.

M: I don’t know, both songs make improper use of the word “sexy”….

One cannot “get your sexy on”, “get sexy on him”, or “bring sexy back”. Unless you’re Al Gore.

Bonus Errata: Hip-hop has-been Nas (AKA Mr. Kelis) is featured on his wife’s single, promising her he will “surprise you like Hugh Grant in 8 1/2 Weeks!” Fletch at Rebel To America and Chet Betz at Cokemachineglow will tell you: that’s not a Hugh Grant movie. Maybe Kelis likes to play Bridget Jones in bed? Then who plays Colin Firth?

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