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Stand Next To This Money!

Posted in Hip-Hop,Ludacris,Music Videos by M on October 7, 2006

Everything about Ludacris‘s “Money Maker” is funny.

With Justin Timberlake bringing more “sexy” back than expected, the song may never move to Billboard’s number one spot. But Luda, you and Pharrell are number one in our hearts. And on BET.

First of all, Ludacris should not end every line with a rising “UHH???”. It’s instant self-parody. “Money make-UHH???” will do for Luda what “shizzle” did for Snoop: make him a walking punchline.

At this point in the rap game, you might think that we’ve run out of new ways to combine guns, bitches, and money (my favorite Jared Diamond book!). Not so! Ludacris gives us the following: a bitch shooting a money gun!

A bikini-clad woman shooting dollar bills from a water gun in the video for Ludacris's Money Maker

Also funny: text messages!

A cell phone with a text message from Ludacris, saying Shake Your Money Maker

Why is this funny? The woman in the video had to stop shaking her money maker to read this message.

There’s a whole lot more; I didn’t even take a picture of the woman in the David Lee Roth pants. Yes, even without his former Fraggle Rock hairstyle, Ludacris has enough absurdity in this video to make it fun viewing for the whole family. Also, feminism is dead.

Bonus Wikipedia Nonsense!

The song is about Ludacris telling a girl to shake her buttocks for money. He states that he has money for her if she shakes her butt.

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