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Others The Brothers Cannot Reject!

Posted in Pop,Wesley Willis by M on November 2, 2006

The above is indeed a Sir Mix-A-Lot quote. But how is this so? Allow me to pass along this precious link to Splendid:

Twenty Peculiar Lyric Translations

We’ve decided to take a bunch of song lyrics and send them through the MultiBabel to learn just what we’re telling those foreign folks.

Sadly, their endeavor is funnier in concept than in execution. Watching Underworld‘s free-form “Born Slippy” retain more sense than The Cars‘s straightforward “Just What I Needed” can be satisfying, but the folks at Splendid should have stopped long before twenty. All their computer generated gibberish starts to look the same! And they lose major points for doctoring the results for poor Wesley Willis.

Wesley Willis at his keyboard.

The man deserves peace!

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  1. […] Who needs Splendid’s bad translations when the original German can be just as descriptive? […]

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