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Whores With No Name

Posted in Rock by M on January 12, 2007

Hey kids! That Band You Thought Was Neil Young is back! Featuring a special guest from That Band You Thought Was Weezer!

That’s right: America the band is stirring interest in their new album Here & Now using two methods.

The first is to attach a second disc featuring new, live recordings of the only America songs people care about! Besides “Horse With No Name”, you get to hear (all over again) “Tin Man!” “Lonely People!” And, uh, “Muskrat Love” (which I was willing to pretend they never popularized).

But beware! These live tracks aren’t from a concert; they’re from a studio session on XM Radio. This probably means low wattage performances and endless chattering from the musicians. Genius reinterpretation of these tracks is far from guaranteed.

The second method? Special guest stars from nineties bands! From the press release:

Their new studio album is a fresh blast of classic Americana shaped by the contemporary sensibilities of producers Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne) and James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) and features guests, Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, Ira Elliot and Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) and Jim James and Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), Stephen Bishop and Mark Rozzo (Maplewood).

Sorry, Ben Kweller is on my list of names to always laugh at. For no reason, really. And sure, Nada Surf deserved more respect than they received, but don’t tell me your MP3 copy of “Popular” doesn’t have another band’s name on it.

If anything, this lineup reminds me of the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert in the early nineties, during which all our favorite decaying rock legends circle jerked their guitars through a rendition of “My Back Pages.” See Tom Petty and Neil Young fellate a microphone together while Clapton and Harrison limply thrust their phallic instruments towards center stage! This was 15 years ago, and they’ve only gotten moldier.

America, just as elderly as Dylan’s devotees, has brought together an all-new lineup of recently popular rock musicians. This time around its in tribute to a seventies band, but something like a Concert for Rivers may come sooner than we think. Be prepared….

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