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Random Rules!

Posted in Dance,iPod,Pop by M on January 13, 2007

High-profile blogger Paul Ford cuts mercilessly into the joys of bad taste. His unspoken target? The Onion AV Club’s Random Rules!

The structure of the argument:

  1. I, the author, am an extraordinarily intelligent and cool person;
  2. But I do listen to music that is considered to be shit;
  3. However, this music (pick one):
    • is actually good, and you, dear reader, are too much of a snob too enjoy it; or
    • is not actually good, but despite my impeccable taste I deign to listen to it for amusement.
  4. In either case I am awesome.
  5. Deerhoof.

A look at the page for Random Rules all but validates Ford’s mockery of the formula. Ford also rips into the lack of women participating in this process and the fey habits of, um, music dweebs with silly facial hair.

Random Rules has had some female victims. Tegan has done it. So has Jenny Lewis. Then again, so has some random actor from a sitcom I’ve never heard of.

I am fortunate enough that my iPod is filled with dance and rap compilations that I have paid almost no attention to. If I like one track out of 24 songs, they all go in. Because of this any use of “Shuffle Songs” on my part leads to head scratching and the words, “I’ve never heard of these people before.” There is no delight, no embarrassment. Just indefensibly useless music.

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