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The W00ts

Posted in Hip-Hop,The Roots by M on February 27, 2007

God bless you, Internet!

It seems there really is a band called The W00ts!

Their generic music page lists nothing about them save that they are from Texas and are categorized as Alternative.

Alternative? Not Nerdcore? That defies all logic! That takes all the fun out of naming a band The W00ts!

Somewhere, ?uestlove weeps.

?uestlove of The Roots, his eyes turned downward.  Photo by Rafe Baron.

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Seamus Saved My Life Tonight!

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews,Paul Emanuel,Seamus Haji by M on February 23, 2007

I put off listening to the CD single for Seamus Haji‘s “Last Night” for a while. I was cautious. I knew it wasn’t a Traveling Wilburys cover—but it wasn’t much more exciting. Yet another take on Indeep‘s “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”? Haji can do much better than this!

Luckily, Haji and his partner in crime Paul Emanuel don’t disappoint! Their main mix isn’t as adventurous as their past efforts, but it’s still a tight and powerful take on this well-worn disco chestnut. And when they strip out the vocals on their dub, Haji and Emanuel really let loose.

Even the other remixes are more than up to spec. I’ve never heard of Cedric Gervais and Second Sun, but their remix starts as a pleasant thumper and builds up to an exciting finish. Funkagenda‘s smooth electro-beeps never catch fire, but are worth the listen. So tainted was this disco song in my mind that I even doubted the venerable Saint Stonebridge! I should be flogged for my disobedience. His remix for Haji and Emanuel’s “Take Me Away” paled to their main mix, but here he brings in his patented synth skills and more than meets the high standards of Seamus and Paul.

One quibble: Stonebridge provides an unwelcome accent to the speech of the life-saving DJ. After the eponymous turntablist says, “away goes trouble down the drain,” Stonebridge plays the sound of a flushing toilet.


A toilet.  Photo by Sven-S. Porst

My iTunes Seems To Know Which Way To Go…

Posted in David Bowie,iTunes by M on February 22, 2007

Oh, iTunes, you raise my hopes and dash them!

Borne.  Free Download Single of the Week

I see this ad on the iTunes Music Store and think: “Ooh, free Bowie!

Wishful thinking on my part.

And besides, the bigger artists on iTunes only get featured for their Celebrity Playlists. Which, come to think of it, haven’t been so prominent lately.

And do you know why? iTunes now offers so much more! Hair metal music videos! Terminator movies! All sorts of things which make the iTunes Music Store far less of a cool music destination and much more like just another FYE.

And who’s borne?

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Still Katrina’d After All These Years

Posted in Hip-Hop,Kanye West,Music Videos,The Game by M on February 16, 2007

The Game in the video for Wouldn't Get Far

In the outro for his song “Wouldn’t Get Far”, The Game notes that he sees the same “bitches” dancing in videos for Snoop Dogg, Lil Wheezy—and for Hurricane Katrina coverage “floating away on the hood of a Camry”! A college student with a Katrinablog wisely asks:

Has hip-hop gone that far that even something as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina is used as a punch line to degrade women?

Indeed it has! The track even features an amoral Kanye West, still somehow the patron saint of Katrina coverage, reveling in his promiscuity.

Kanye West and a censored, bikini-clad woman in the video for Wouldn't Get Far

The “Wouldn’t Get Far” video doesn’t contain the offending outro and features some self-mocking, Pop-Up Video humor. Even this doesn’t balance the song’s abhorrent subject matter, though: calling out hip-hop groupies by name and repeating every sexually-based rumor about them. Kanye doesn’t list any specific golddiggers, but The Game seems determined to document as much slutty behavior as he can fit into four minutes.

I actually think keeping Katrina in the public eye is a good thing, and I’m glad to see it even under these circumstances. And I don’t necessarily think a song mocking the girls that bump-and-grind in videos is a bad idea. But there’s nothing good about what Kanye and The Game have done here. Shame on both of you!

Women with nice rims in the video for Wouldn't Get Far

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Sub-Royal Scam

Posted in Rock,Steely Dan by M on February 15, 2007

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, as depicted in Yacht Rock

Curse you, Steely Dan! Curse you and your dark, sarcastic lyrics!

For years, I’ve been singing one of your songs in error. I knew I couldn’t be correct, but still I persisted to sing the chorus to one of your most famous songs as:

Geddy Long! Geddy Long, Cheap Chinaman!
Geddy Long, cheap Chinaman!

In reality, I should have been singing:

Get along, get along Kid Charlemagne
Get along Kid Charlemagne

I thought, “Hey, Steely Dan has employed the semi-ironic use of Asian stereotypes before. Maybe, just maybe….”

No. I have to listen far more closely in the future.

Bonus Geddy Etymology: The two most famous people known as “Geddy”—Geddy Lee and Gedde Watanabe—both use nicknames! They were each born “Gary.” The only person truly named “Gedde”? This guy!

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Coldplayed Out!

Posted in Coldplay,Pop,Rock by M on February 13, 2007

The three gentlemen from the band Evermore

Sorry Evermore! Listening to a remix of your song “It’s Too Late” brought to mind only one question: what are we supposed to call bands that sound like Coldplay?

I thought we had this settled already; it’s not like the past half-decade has produced a lack of Coldplay sound-a-likes. But is there no common put-down for them? I would like to offer some suggestions:

“They sound like Coldplay”
Yeah, it’s accurate. And a lot of people have said it. But it’s just not catchy enough.
“Coldplay-alike” or “Coldplay-a-like”
It’s in common use. It’s short enough. But it’s kind of awkward.
“Coldplay clone”
You can’t go wrong with alliteration. And Google shows the phrase much love. I like it!
That doesn’t even make sense.
“Da Coldplayaz”
This list is over!

Bonus Sadly Not Outdated Mockery: The song Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now. This is from September 2005! Shockingly, the 2007 bands that don’t sound like Coldplay sound like Staind. Music has stopped evolving!

Is That My Mother On The Phone?

Posted in Rock,The Police by M on February 11, 2007

The cover of The Police album Synchronicity in a record bin.

Ay ay ay! La Policía!

The lame-ass Grammy Awards this evening will host a decades-in-the-making Police Reunion! In anticipation of the event, our URGH operatives have acquired the band’s setlists!

That’s right! It seems each member of the band has created his own setlist. Which one will we see tonight? Take a look and place your bets!


  1. “Roxanne” (but no falsetto)
  2. “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” (sucky 1986 version)
  3. “Fields of Gold”
  4. That “I dream of rain, alay alay” song I did with that Algerian Guy.
  5. “Love Theme from Dune”
  6. That song Puff Daddy stole from us.
  7. “Would I Lie To You?”
  8. Wait, that was the Eurythmics.
  9. Let’s do it anyway.

Andy Summers

  1. “Mother”
  2. “Mother”
  3. “Mother”
  4. “Omegaman”
  5. “Mother”
  6. “Mother”
  7. “Walking on the Moon” (But no vocals.)

Stewart Copeland

  1. “Baby, I Love Your Way/Free Bird Medley” featuring Will to Power
  2. That’s it.
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Tumor Humor

Posted in Pop by M on February 9, 2007

Personally, I think Kids With Cancer would be an awesome band name for a pop-punk band.

Make it happen.

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Vague, Depressed, and Artsy

Posted in Music Reviews,Rock by M on February 7, 2007

Tuned Into Music has a succinct review of the new Damon Albarn supergroup The Good, The Bad & The Queen. But I can make it more succinct.

Whatever. It’s dreary.

Thank you.

You got your Jigga in my Shula!

Posted in Hip-Hop,Jay-Z by M on February 6, 2007

Jay-Z in a beer commercial

Jay-Z Watch Update!

The Super Bowl brings us a bizarre beer advertisement featuring Jay-Z defeating coach Don Shula in a game of 21st Century electric football. This commercial features Jay-Z for no reason.
Jay-Z’s masterful hand turns the new Fall Out Boy album into gold, according to the AV Club. Their album features Jay-Z for no reason.

And the week’s not over! Where will Jay-Z strike next?

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