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Coldplayed Out!

Posted in Coldplay,Pop,Rock by M on February 13, 2007

The three gentlemen from the band Evermore

Sorry Evermore! Listening to a remix of your song “It’s Too Late” brought to mind only one question: what are we supposed to call bands that sound like Coldplay?

I thought we had this settled already; it’s not like the past half-decade has produced a lack of Coldplay sound-a-likes. But is there no common put-down for them? I would like to offer some suggestions:

“They sound like Coldplay”
Yeah, it’s accurate. And a lot of people have said it. But it’s just not catchy enough.
“Coldplay-alike” or “Coldplay-a-like”
It’s in common use. It’s short enough. But it’s kind of awkward.
“Coldplay clone”
You can’t go wrong with alliteration. And Google shows the phrase much love. I like it!
That doesn’t even make sense.
“Da Coldplayaz”
This list is over!

Bonus Sadly Not Outdated Mockery: The song Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now. This is from September 2005! Shockingly, the 2007 bands that don’t sound like Coldplay sound like Staind. Music has stopped evolving!

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  1. Simone said,

    I myself would not say Evermore sound like Coldplay. Evermore are a very individual band.

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