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Sub-Royal Scam

Posted in Rock,Steely Dan by M on February 15, 2007

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, as depicted in Yacht Rock

Curse you, Steely Dan! Curse you and your dark, sarcastic lyrics!

For years, I’ve been singing one of your songs in error. I knew I couldn’t be correct, but still I persisted to sing the chorus to one of your most famous songs as:

Geddy Long! Geddy Long, Cheap Chinaman!
Geddy Long, cheap Chinaman!

In reality, I should have been singing:

Get along, get along Kid Charlemagne
Get along Kid Charlemagne

I thought, “Hey, Steely Dan has employed the semi-ironic use of Asian stereotypes before. Maybe, just maybe….”

No. I have to listen far more closely in the future.

Bonus Geddy Etymology: The two most famous people known as “Geddy”—Geddy Lee and Gedde Watanabe—both use nicknames! They were each born “Gary.” The only person truly named “Gedde”? This guy!

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