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Seamus Saved My Life Tonight!

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews,Paul Emanuel,Seamus Haji by M on February 23, 2007

I put off listening to the CD single for Seamus Haji‘s “Last Night” for a while. I was cautious. I knew it wasn’t a Traveling Wilburys cover—but it wasn’t much more exciting. Yet another take on Indeep‘s “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”? Haji can do much better than this!

Luckily, Haji and his partner in crime Paul Emanuel don’t disappoint! Their main mix isn’t as adventurous as their past efforts, but it’s still a tight and powerful take on this well-worn disco chestnut. And when they strip out the vocals on their dub, Haji and Emanuel really let loose.

Even the other remixes are more than up to spec. I’ve never heard of Cedric Gervais and Second Sun, but their remix starts as a pleasant thumper and builds up to an exciting finish. Funkagenda‘s smooth electro-beeps never catch fire, but are worth the listen. So tainted was this disco song in my mind that I even doubted the venerable Saint Stonebridge! I should be flogged for my disobedience. His remix for Haji and Emanuel’s “Take Me Away” paled to their main mix, but here he brings in his patented synth skills and more than meets the high standards of Seamus and Paul.

One quibble: Stonebridge provides an unwelcome accent to the speech of the life-saving DJ. After the eponymous turntablist says, “away goes trouble down the drain,” Stonebridge plays the sound of a flushing toilet.


A toilet.  Photo by Sven-S. Porst

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  1. M said,

    Yeah, yeah; I finally checked the original Indeep version of the song: the flushing toilet is in the original. So I shouldn’t blame this all on Stonebridge. But if I hear things correctly, Stonebridge has recorded his own new toilet sound. A low-flow for the new millennium?

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