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Thicke as a Brick

Posted in Pop,Robin Thicke by M on March 2, 2007

A publicity photo of Robin Thicke

While listening to Sophie B. Hawkins and Googling the phrase “totally nineties”, I came across the musical stylings of Robin Thicke!

Commenting on his video “Lost Without U”, Beanorama at So Unpretty described Thicke as a failed “mix of Chris Isaak and Justin Timberlake.” Commenters reveal the horrible truth: he’s Alan Thicke‘s son! The Growing Pains papa has his own unholy music career. Like father, like son. I just wish Thicke Jr. didn’t spell his song titles like Prince.

But what’s really important is the music. It’s inoffensive enough, until you realize how dead-dumb-stupid it’s made. Faux-Spanish guitars lose their smooth when you put them next to a freaking harp! Robin, it’s all overkill! Combine this with lyrics like “You don’t want this guy, you don’t want that guy.”

The biggest surprise: we can blame all of this on Pharrell.

Beanorama leaves us with one more comment on the video:

And I thought, no way would this douche be with a girl that hot. Then I did some research, and realized, it’s his real-life wife.

Robin Thicke and his wife in the video Lost Without U

So unfair!

16 Responses to 'Thicke as a Brick'

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  1. CLove318 said,

    Yes, she is an attractive lady but really? Like amazing, fabulous at 40, one of a kind, most beautiful woman in the world? You’re kidding right? He makes Her as hot as it looks.. which is steamy, smoky, sultry, delicious, dreamy….a watery fantasy manifest.

    He’s the man; with his neo blue eyed soul and romantic demeanor that makes me want to weep with both hope and disillusionment for love lost and what I may one day actually have for myself. Yummy just isn’t enough to describe him and it’s not just about the cute– although he certainly has got that going on like wow, dreamboat, beebop, sweet sixteen.

    I’m jealous of her ONLY because she has my man.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that sing to me? Love me? Be lost without me? Robin… and his family name only adds to the sweet & sexy. Thicke.. Yeah baby.

  2. M said,

    Coming up after this: Robin Thicke fanfiction.

  3. stacey boshell said,

    stop being such a fool girl ….. hes well hot and has a wkd voice hes made it big in america and now hes came over to where im from the UNITED KINGDOM and hes WKD AND EVERYONE LOVES HIM HES SOO HOT!!!


    ANY AMERICAN people or ENGLISH people THAT READ THIS ADD ME ON MSN 4 A CHAT!!!!! ………….. stacey_boshy@hotmail.com

  4. zoey and liv said,

    robin is the bomb forever dont diss him i bet you don’t no what pure prettyness looks like he is the SEXIEST singer from America that has stepped over the border since Pharrel.
    (Who i may comment is the best rnb performer EVERRR! )
    but i no that people are entitaled to there opions. but if yuou havent got anything nice Robin Thicke then shove off!
    ps: as for the wife thing yes she is pretty but she cant compare to Robins passionate words and feelings in his songs.
    Also if you dont like the music dont listen to it. simple as. 🙂

    ( ps: love you robin x )

  5. zoey and liv said,

    but i no that people are entitaled to there opions. but if yuou havent got anything nice Robin Thicke then shove off!
    but i no that people are entitaled to there opions. but if yuou havent got anything nice TO SAY ABOUT Robin Thicke then shove off!


  6. cupbeans said,

    If to speak about the music, I think most guitar lovers, especially the one that are really into Spanish guitars won’t like to to be used with an harp on the same song.

    Thinking about the combination made me ask for guitar lover’s opinions on the issue.

    Its interesting what the response might be.


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  8. Lola said,

    This is really funny. Seriously, think about it—Robin Thicke is average looking. If it weren’t for his music, you wouldn’t notice him on a busy street. Also keep in mind that the pics and video you see of him are all painstakingly edited as well.

    I don’t dislike Thicke. Frankly, I am addicted to his “evolution” album. I think he’s an extremely talented guy who was also lucky enough to find a beautiful wife (and that is as much as I care to say about his wife outside of her acting career). I do think He deserves the fame, he’s a great musician (and don’t we all wish there were more of those these days).

  9. C Brown said,

    You obviously do not know good music when you hear it. This man has a huge following and a lengthy career. It’s just great music and that’s all there is to say. What is your opinion based on? The fact that you’re tone deaf? You are a complete idiot for this article and it will not even tarnish Robin’s career. He is also in my opinion and millions of others a very attractive man. Next time you should use a more educated aproach to anything you wirte; on second thought, people like you should just stay off the internet if you plan on voicing your opinion like this.

  10. LuChera Huntley said,

    Robin Thicke, You’re a sexy man. That’s what I’m talking about. Coming through thick and thin, Why don’t you come back and sing that song in order to win a trophy. Robin Thicke, Keep it real.

  11. Justsaying said,

    I just saw his new video, Magic, it was very glitzy and classy, I loved it. I think hes nice looking and I’d sure notice him on a busy street, he’s hot. I think he hasd a really nice romantic quality about him too, not many of those around. I don’t knolw his wife or her work, she’s pretty though. I wish him the best and I will continue to watch and listen to him. I’m hooked.

  12. Zenovia Shaw said,

    To the person who wrote this article….YOU KNOW NOTHING! It sounds like you are such a hater! Go on hating! The more you hate, the more he’ll succeed! Robin is smooth, talented, and has a great voice. I bet you can’t even read music!

    Keep up the great work Robin Thicke!


  13. Debbie Ann said,

    I think Robin Thicke is one of the most sexiest man alive , the person that wrote the negative comment is just another hater.Robin keep up the good work ,we love you.

  14. Stormy said,

    The person who wrote this article doesn’t have a taste at all for good swinging slow jazz music. Who are you to cut someone down when you didn’t even realize that Paula Patton is his wife and a darn good actress and even beautiful to boot.
    Robin Thicke is one of the greatest musicians out there and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS MUSIC. Yes you have a right to your opinion just like I do, but I feel that someone like you is just jealous cause Paula is taking and not yours.
    What a shame to you and a praise for Robin Thicke. My advice to you Mr. Article person is to GROW UP and write about the music instead of cutting something so beautiful down that most of us Love. I think you should go back to college and learn how to write an article.
    By the way your opinion seems Biasis.

  15. Selina said,

    They are both hot. Robin Thicke is an amazing singer and an amazing face. He’s drool worthy. Shes very attractive herself.

  16. tammy said,

    robin thicke is hot..hot..hot…not to mention his voice is amazing…great range….his perforamnce tonight on new years rockin eve was the best ive seen him….great simply great….keep doin what your doin

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