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Names for your Eddie Money cover band

Posted in Eddie Money,Rock by M on March 10, 2007

Eddie Money blowing his saxophone in the video for Take Me Home Tonight

First the obvious, “it’s like the singer, but not” names:

  • Counterfeit Money
  • Funny Money
  • Dirty Money
  • Money Laundering
  • It’s Money, Baby
  • Faux Money, Faux Problems

And the others:

  • Ronnie Said
  • Maybe Hold On To Me
  • Sh-sh-sh-shakin’ In Macon (Georgia-based bands)
  • Jew Tickets To Paradise (Klezmer bands)
  • The Color of Money (All-black bands)

The best name? Money Shot. And according to the Google cache, it’s a real San Francisco-based cover band! Good work!

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  1. M said,

    Or how about “Ronnie Sang“, as those are the actual lyrics?

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