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Posted in Boston,Rock by M on March 12, 2007

Just over a month ago I noted that I had never seen a photo of the band Boston. Now the band’s frontman Brad Delp is dead. With the news comes photos.

First from CNN, which shows Delp was appropriately Lebowski-esque. Then from I Love Music, which shows Boston in all its 70s glory.

These photos are so generic I doubt they’ll stick in my memory. If the web was around thirty years ago we would definitely have www.menwholookliketheallmanbrothers.com. Quite literally, I may close my mind and Delp will slip away. Slipped Awaaaaaaaaaaaay! Yeah, yeah!

And remember: Delp’s tragic death makes it momentarily acceptable to enjoy high-pitched arena rock. In the meantime, we can still hate on Moby.

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