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I’m So Ecstatic!

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews,Ultra Naté by M on April 3, 2007

Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet in Spaceballs

M: You idiots! Why didn’t you tell me there was an Ultra Naté cover of “Automatic” by The Pointer Sisters?!

URGH Staff Member: I’m sorry sir! It’ll never happen again!

(M proceeds to twist his nuts using the Schwartz.)

Ultra Naté in a web ad for Grime, Silk & Thunder

That’s right, Ultra Naté is awesome! I loved The Pointer Sisters original (a fine, future-tinged counterpoint to their “Neutron Dance”), but this “Automatic” is a deliciously dark work of electronic dance. The remixes by Digital Dog, Paul Jackson, and the Monkey Brothers are all decent, but nothing is as smooth and powerful as the main mix.

This makes me hopeful for Ultra’s new album Grime, Silk & Thunder! According to her MySpace blog entry, the album comes out at the end of May and features prior singles (“Love’s The Only Drug” and “Freak On”) that I definitely dig. Stay tuned!

Bonus MySpace Nonsense: Ultra’s MySpace page includes the usual MySpace chainjunk, including a service endorsed by name-brand DJ Danny Tenaglia! Semi-famous people spamming each other! Wake me when Richard “Humpty” Vission starts using Twitter.

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