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Turn Around, Bright Eyes!

Posted in Bright Eyes,Conor Oberst,Rock by M on April 10, 2007

Welcome Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

My apologies, but I’m not feeling the new Bright Eyes releases: not the Four Winds EP or the full-length Cassadaga.

Of course, I’ve never been a Conor Oberst fan. “When The President Talks To God” struck me as a complete shark jump, his charm curdling into endless pouting. If these new releases are any good I still can’t get past that impression.

The Onion AV Club tries to be kind, but saying that the full album has “the loose, rootsy feel of … Tom Petty” is a dodge at best and a lie at worst. (Tell me, what is the “rootsy” Tom Petty album? Southern Accents, with its electronic drums and sitar?) Club commenters are far less kind: “Does he cry at any point on these releases?”

Harsh words, and I have no right to repeat them. After all, when Bright Eyes was last in the public eye, I was listening to this band instead:

A pineapple, clam, and starfish in the Junior Senior video for Move Your Feet

Shake your coconuts!

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  1. I’m a huge Bright Eyes fan at times, at other times, not so much. It depends on the mood I’m in. For Cassadaga, he lost the trembly, tearful vibrato that he’d had since he started making music, that so many people patronized him for. I kind of like his new voice, but the only songs I find “worth it” are “Four Winds” and maybe (MAYBE) “Coat Check Dream Song” or “Cleanse Song.” He’s gotten real creative in his titles, by the way. As in, not really. Nice post, and I think I’ll check out Junior Senior; I’ve heard good things.

  2. M said,

    Thank you The Master Indie!

    Ah, Junior Senior. After taking a closer look at that MySpace page, it seems it has not been updated in a year. I think they have ended up as another quirky, major-label act that gets one album and then gets buried. Time will tell.

  3. M said,

    Oooh, The AV Club has a nice post mortem analysis of Cassadaga.

  4. […] was only a few months ago that Junior Senior was completely invisible—their album Hey Hey My My Yo Yo went unseen in […]

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