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It’s My Student Film!

Posted in Radiohead,Rock by M on April 11, 2007

Thom Yorke from Radiohead, wailing into a microphone.

Oh Radiohead! I’d love to listen to your music more often, but it exhausts me! Thom Yorke sure wails a lot!

But now James of Synner Nation has turned me on to the latest weirdness from the band: a weird promo movie! [Direct .MOV Link.] Luckily, it’s only five and a half minutes.

The Radiohead Bear.

Radiohead treats us to a mishmash of sounds and images. Some is stock footage, some is from previous outings, and the final visit is from The Ghost of Radiohead Yet To Come.

There’s also a sense of humor here that is completely absent from their albums. At least one screensaver ambles on by, Thom sings “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”, and a flipbook animation features the favorite sample of MC Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. It’s strange and accessible! And inaccessible!

If you're a proper fucking thief you can't be fucked with burgling properties in the middle of the fucking night because you got to fucking get up in the fucking morning to run the fucking country.

It also has some poorly-aimed jabs at George W. Bush. Why is it that flaccid, political stuff like this makes it from the studios to the albums, but basic human warmth doesn’t?

Or will it? Whatever you boys have in mind for the next Radiohead release, take your adventures in amateur filmmaking to heart: cow screensavers brighten anyone’s day.

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