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Eight Dollar Ozzy

Posted in Ozzy Osbourne,Randy Rhoads,Rock by M on April 12, 2007

A concert ticket with the autograph of Randy Rhoads.

Rock nerds geeked out on a recent eBay auction: a grand and a half for one of the final autographs from guitar god Randy Rhoads.

However, a discussion at Roadrunner Records reveals a find of equal significance: the price!

An Ozzy Osbourne ticket stub

User faithnomore4ever says, “Did anybody notice that it only cost $8.50 to see The Ozzman 25 years ago? My first show was the Shout at the Devil tour (1984 and it cost me $11.50. I saw the Crüe last year for $150.”

User vametal adds, “I saw AC/DC for $17.50 back in ’91. It cost me $90 to see Rush about five years ago.”

Inflation, baby! Do we blame Ticketmaster as usual? Or VH1? Or how about Jake E. Lee?

As the crass masturbatory commentators on VH1 would say, “Looks like ticket prices are ‘Flying High Again’, too! Cause Randy sure isn’t!”

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  1. david brenton said,

    I got an autographed album of “blizzard of oz’ with ozzy,tommy aldridge(drummer for the tour),then, there is a drawing of a bat,(done in a different pen than the other autographs) that is over the black cat in the photo.I know of two Randy Rhoads autographs where he drew a heart with a circle around it,I am trying to find out if Randy drew the bat instead of signing his name.Does anyone know if Randy was known for drawing doodles instead of signing?

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