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Requiem for Wreckx-N-Effect

Posted in Hip-Hop,Jay-Z,M.I.A.,Wreckx-N-Effect by M on May 4, 2007

Get over to Status Ain’t Hood NOW NOW NOW!

Tom Breihan knocks one out of the park today with the article On the Continuing Resonance of “Rump Shaker”.

Spurred by the song’s recent appropriation by M.I.A. and Jay Z, Breihan explores a delicious history of early 90s rap-cheese. One highlight of many:

I remember reading somewhere that the group [Wreckx-N-Effect] got into a brawl with A Tribe Called Quest backstage at Showtime at the Apollo; the two crews had a beef that the Nation of Islam eventually got involved in stopping. (If that had happened during the Internet age, I would’ve absolutely blogged the fuck out of it.)

I said the same thing about Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” video!

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