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Oh-Ah Oh-Ah-Oh-Ah-Oh!

Posted in Hip-Hop,M.I.A. by M on May 7, 2007

Real quick on M.I.A.‘s not-upcoming “Hit That” that’s been floating around the Internet: I’m not feeing it. M.I.A. is having Fun With Sound, and I am all for supporting the sonically adventurous. Pop music cannot evolve if we aren’t willing to get weird.

But “Hit That” isn’t hitting the sweet spot. The borrowed lyrics (you know what I mean) aren’t meaningful, the beats are unexceptionally minimal, and the nonsense chanting just isn’t catchy.

M.I.A. carefully, cleverly places just a little too much dead air within the track’s pauses, but the effect falls flat. She can’t nudge us off our seats if we’re not already on the edge.

As to those that praise “Hit That’s” FEMA name-dropping, there’s no political content here. M.I.A. spends more time with The Chappelle Show, Pro Tools and YouTube. She also threatens: “Don’t wanna be talkin’ ’bout moi,” so maybe that’s a Miss Piggy reference.

Miss Piggy

M.I.A. could even learn some fashion sense from the Muppet.

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  1. M said,

    It came to me in a dream: I know what M.I.A. was trying to attain in this song’s chanting.

    She wants to be Baltimora!

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